Surface Finishes

Sand blasting, trowalisation, powder coating, wet painted, grinding

As we offer various processing solutions, we consider a wide range of surface finishes to be important: Apart from grinding, polishing, sand and glass droplet blasting, etching and trowalisation, we offer in particular powder coating and wet painting. We can sand blast parts up to a size of 1000 x 1000 x 500 mm.

In the through put oven parts are stress relieved and recrystalised.



Sand blasting, powder coating, grinding
Sand blasting, powder coating, grinding


Sand Blasting

In the process of sand blasting with a blower or spinner, a blasting abrasive (sand, or nowadays mostly other materials such as blast furnace slag, glass granulate, aluminium oxide abrasive, steel, plastic granulate, nut shells, soda, ice crystals....) is blown onto objects to free them of rust, paint, burrs, .... or to roughen them.



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Smooth Grinding

Trowalizing ® (smooth grinding) is a separate process to the surface treatment of metal parts. The parts to be handled are put as bulk solids in a container with an aqueous solution (compound) along with grinding bodies ( so-called chips) and usually with an additive. An oscillating or rotating movement of the container creates relative movement between the piece and the grinding bodies, which causes metal removal on the piece, particularly at the edges.



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Powder Coating

In the process of powder coating, metal parts are covered with coloured powder and then baked in an oven at approx. 180° C. Our plant is arranged in such a way that the superfluous powder is recycled to use again.
We also specialise in the production of parts up to max. 800 x 800 x 2000 mm for other companies.



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